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Pre-SchoolClockwork Nursery can accommodate 3-5’s on a full-time and part-time basis.

Our pre-school team feel that it is very important for children to be able to explore as this provides numerous opportunities for unplanned learning. All children are learners and have a natural curiosity to explore new things as well as a wealth of already learned skills. We have found that the best way to assist and extend this unrefined learning is to accept all children as individuals and understand that each child learns in a different way.

To start this learning process, we provide a safe and stimulating environment in which children feel happy and secure. By doing this and providing support, encouragement and praise, we help children make sense of real life situations, develop awareness of themselves and positive attitudes towards others.

The Curriculum is made up of eight areas and each section has a variety
of early level outcomes, which can be seen in full in our Starter Pack.
The eight areas of the curriculum are:-

  • Expressive arts
  • Health and well-being
  • Literacy and English
  • Mathematics
  • Religious and moral education
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Technologies

To help learning in each of these key areas our team plan activities and experiences to ensure that the children in our care receive the best quality of learning. When the team plan they take into account the children’s individual skills as well as what they have to tackle as a group.

The children are continually observed during play so we can plan the next step in their learning. A portfolio of their work is kept and parents/carers are free to access these at any time to discuss their child’s progress.

A short report of children's achievements will be completed quarterly. This report will relate to the eight area's of curriculum. Parents are encouraged to write comments and discuss achievements and next steps for learning with the pre-school team. Information is regularly passed onto parents. When the time comes for your child to progress on to school a copy of his/her report shall be passed on.

At Clockwork we feel we have a very contemporary way of delivering the curriculum. We like to think that the fresh and fun approach maintains the excitement of learning for both children and adults. Daily communication with parents and carers builds up a strong partnership to make the most of your child’s learning in their early years. We encourage parents to contribute ideas on projects and assist with learning at home.

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